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Nintendo granted patent for Wii U Panorama View feature

Nintendo's Panorama view patented

Nintendo was granted a patent for its Panorama View feature for the Wii U today, a feature that allows Wii U owners to use the GamePad to show a different perspective to what is shown on the television screen.

The Wii U's Panorama View was first shown when the console was announced at E3 in 2011 and the console's demos at the time allowed players to use the GamePad as a window into another part of the game world. It was officially announced at E3 this year. The Panorama View will be available as a paid downloadable app from the Wii U eShop next spring.

Nintendo's patent document goes into great detail about the gyrosensors used to determine the controller's change in position and explains how users can use the GamePad as a "porthole" into the game world.


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