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Pokemon marathon churns through three games at a time for charity this weekend

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Extra Lives is hosting a Pokemon marathon this weekend to raise money for charity, in which they'll tackle up to three games at a time; including a few unsavory bootleg entries into the series.

The charitable website will livestream their efforts to conquer as many of the game's pocket-sized monsters as possible, starting midday on Saturday, Dec. 29 and running through New Year's Eve. The site promises to play through multiple versions of the game at once, starting with three different versions of the first Game Boy generation of Pokemon games, and will work their way up to the Black and White series on Nintendo DS. They'll also dabble in some "bootleg" versions of the games, which often include poor translations and copious amounts of profanity.

Extra Lives has raised over $91,000 for charity since opening its doors, and hopes to break the $100,000 mark with this weekend's marathon; all of which will help the organization Free The Children build schoolhouses across the globe.