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Dead Space 3 for Kinect has secret expletive-triggered commands, says producer

Dead Space 3 for Xbox 360 has hidden expletive-triggered commands that players must discover for themselves when using Kinect voice controls, according to a recent interview with producer Steve Papoutsis at CVG.

According to Papoutsis, the development team at Visceral Games has included secret vocal commands that players will have to figure out through gameplay, and some of them could be triggered by gut-reaction shouted curses.

"There are commands where you might be in a certain situation and you might yell a specific expletive and it might behave in a way that you want it to," he teased. "We definitely have done some things there."

Visceral did not include gesture-based Kinect controls because this is the third entry in the Dead Space series, and players are now used to the control scheme. Papoutsis said It "didn't make sense to put [gesture controls] in."

He also notes that he enjoys watching testers' startled reactions to the game, but it's sad to watch some stop playing and walk away mid-game.

"It is concerning to see, but in a good way and a bad way," he explained. "In a good way we're getting a reaction and we're causing people to respond, which is good: it's what we're after. But on the negative side it's alienating that person. They don't want to carry on and they're missing out on all the cool stuff we're making."

Papoutsis expressed hope that Dead Space 3's co-op mode will open the experience to more players, specifically citing people that shy away from horror movies or who aren't normally good at games.

"So we're hoping the steps we're taking really open it out and get people to experience and share it with their friends," he added.

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