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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 screenshots show cityscapes, NPCs and Lightning's new armor

A new batch of screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, the third game in the Final Fantasy 13 spin-off series, offer a better look at our pink-haired protagonist's new costume as well as more detailed shots of the world she must save.

Luxerion, the city introduced in the game's first trailer and shown in the screenshots above, seems to feature a mix of modern and early modern architecture, with monorail stations and clock towers accentuating tiled courtyards and wrought iron beams holding up glass ceilings. Lighting's outfit also appears to mix elements of her outfit from the first game and the Valkyrie armor she donned in 13-2.

The final chapter in the Final Fantasy 13 saga will be released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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