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Humble Indie Bundle 7 adds The Basement Collection, Cave Story+ and Offspring Fling

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The Humble Indie Bundle 7 has added three more games along with their soundtracks to its package for buyers who pay more than the average of $6.42: The Basement Collection, Cave Story+ and Offspring Fling.

The Basement Collection is a compilation of seven flash games from The Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen's early career: Aether, Coil, Grey-Matter, Meat Boy (the prototype game for Super Meat Boy), Spewer, Time Fcuk and Triachnid. Beating each game reveals a new piece of hidden unlockable content, including stories, a mini-game and childhood artwork from McMillen.

Cave Story+ in an enhanced version of the original Cave Story freeware published to PC in 2004. This version includes all additional modes present in the game's 2010 WiiWare version, the bonus "Wind Fortress" level and the option to toggle graphics between the original graphics and the updated ones.

Offspring Fling is a puzzle platformer centered around an animal that must rescue her children from the bowels of a deadly forest and bring them home. The game was developed by Kyle Pulver, creator of robotic-themed puzzle platformer Snapshot, which is also available on Steam and included in this Humble Bundle.

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 launched last week and includes nine games, all soundtracks except the one for The Binding of Isaac and Indie Game: The Movie for buyers who pay above the average.

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