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Ouya unboxing video shows you everything you need to make a game

The Ouya development kit will contain everything developers need, according to an unboxing video released by the developers of the Kickstarter-funded console.

The short video offers a look at what can be expected from early versions of the console being sent to developers prior to its official release in March 2013.

This Ouya development kit contains a letter to developers reminding that the early release will contain bugs. An additional notice is added for gamers who purchased the development box, stating the package does not include games.

Two transparent plastic controllers are included in the kit; However, this material will be altered for its official launch. Ouya controllers feature removable covers over its handles to offer customization options for the user. Batteries are loaded into the handle to keep the bottom of the controller "clean" while offering a "nice, even weight," according to its developers.

The similarly transparent console features a micro USB port allowing developers to hook the console directly to the PC, while a fan is added inside the console to allow for high-performance projects. The console can be opened by unscrewing a panel in the back of the cube, allowing hackers to manipulate its hardware. While this early release is made out of plastic, this is exclusive for developers.

Batteries for the controller are included, as is a micro USB cord, power supply, HDMI cable and a universal adapter for the power supply. The final product becomes available for $99 in March 2013, while all games will be free-to-play.

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