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City of Steam's newest stretch goal reward is an unconventional developer video

Mechanist Games' steampunk-themed free-to-play online role-playing game City of Steam has reached the first of its "dev humiliating" extra stretch goals, as demonstrated by the video posted above.

Mechanist tracks funding milestones on its Steam-O-Meter, which also lists the purposeful and just-for-fun rewards for reaching specific goals. A handful of the rewards that are not in-game items and City of Steam-themed goodies involve dressing up members of the development team like in-game avatars and filming them acting the part.

In the video posted above, communications manager Gabriel Laforge dons a red wig and Chinese brocade dress in a surprisingly detailed real-life reenactment of character creation and tutorial segments, glitching out and getting stuck while running, interacting with NPCs and even a light PvP battle.

City of Steam is currently in closed beta. Mechanist offers different starter pack options to pre-order the game and gain beta access. The game is also currently available to vote on through Valve's Steam Greenlight service.

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