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Walmart sells Nintendo 3DS box stuffed with rocks and tissue paper

A woman in Talladega who purchased a Nintendo 3DS for her son open the boxed to find it stuffed with rocks on Christmas morning, reports Fox.

Casual retailer giant Walmart told Fox that these instances occur because people purchase goods and then return the item's wrapping to the store with the merchandise missing.

Employees will now check all returned merchandise to prevent these scams, Walmart said.

"Check your merchandise," the mother warned, according to Fox. "Just check it before you leave the store, make sure it's in there and don't get home and be surprised, like if you found what I found."

The woman bought the 3DS at a local Walmart, and after explaining that the box had been opened, filled with rocks wrapped in tissue paper and then resealed, the store gave her a new handheld.

This is similar to a scam unearthed in Texas in October, in which Walmart sold an iPad to a customer who found the box stuffed with notepads.

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