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When Vikings Attack developer Clever Beans offers holiday wishes, hints at new game in 2013

UK-based developer Clever Beans, which released its first game When Vikings Attack for cross-play with PlayStation 3 and Vita, wished players happy holidays on the PlayStation Blog today along with posting the above card.

When Vikings Attack, a fighting adventure game in which players gather modern citizens against waves of ancient viking attackers, was released in North America and Europe in November, with a Japanese version in the works. According to associate producer Neil McPhillips, completing and localizing the game and readying it for cross-play compatibility sometimes felt like "a Sisyphean task for our tiny team."

"There is a phenomena described by serious mountaineers who, having finally struggled to the crest of a vertiginous peak, experience not the sense of elation and celebration that was perhaps visualised back at base camp, but instead a blank numbness; a complete inability to think anything at all," he wrote on the PlayStation Blog, describing the feeling of finishing development. "Bodies and minds are wracked with exhaustion and ravaged by hypoxia, to the point where mental faculties are reduced to those of a small child.

"One might well wonder why anyone would choose to put themselves through this at all," he added.

In addition to wishes for a happy and prosperous new year, McPhillips hinted that the company would be working on a new game in 2013, stating that the team has "another huge mountain to climb."