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The Besties Year-End Video Spectacular: Part 2

It's the final countdown. It's the whole enchilada. It's the end of the world as we know it, and we're all out of cliches.

After over 40 episodes, your pals The Besties reach the end of their dramatic arc, their denouement, if you will as they select the Besties Supreme. In the second half of their year-end video spectacular (part one here), their eight remaining favorite games of the year battle it out for that golden statue that bears only a passing resemblance to Marcus Fenix. There's also a tender goodbye to some favorite friends, featuring the artwork of Besties listener, Gavin Spence.

Will your favorite take home the top honors? You're just one hour and eight minutes away from finding out as the world's best friends pick the year's best game.

Get the show:

Theme song by Ian Dorsch