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Edge of Twilight picked up by new studio, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 in summer 2013

Steampunk fantasy game Edge of Twilight, first announced in March 2008, has been picked up by multinational developer Fuzzyeyes Entertainment for a summer 2013 release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the companies announced today.

In the world of Edge of Twilight, day and night are two entirely separate realms inhabited by different races. The main protagonist is Lex, a "half-breed" who will bring these two realms together. Fuzzyeyes promises that the third-person action title will have a "heavy focus on gameplay, story, and puzzles," and that the company plans to expand the series with sequential titles across various platforms.

Fuzzyeyes also announced Edge of Twilight Horizon, a free-to-play iOS game that will lead into the upcoming console game. Players will step into Lex's shoes against an enemy that will become more prominent in the main game. The developer also plans to share production news and screenshots for Edge of the Twilight through the app.

Development on Edge of Twilight halted in 2009 when the original Fuzzyeyes studio laid off most of its staff. Fuzzyeyes Entertainment, a new company under different management but carrying the same name, took up the project in 2011.

According to a post on the game's Facebook page, the new development team chose to keep the name "Fuzzyeyes" and promised the former development team will be listed in the game's credits.

"We, the new Fuzzyeyes, the Fuzzyeyes with different management and shareholders, are not affiliated with the old Fuzzyeyes," reads the post. "We have decided to renew the development of Edge of Twilight while retaining the name 'Fuzzyeyes' for the developer.

"That said, we sympathize with those of you worried that you will not be getting credit for your work on the game," the developer added. "We assure you: you will be listed in the credits."

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