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Musical RPG Soon Serenade cancelled, soundtrack available for free

Ransom Binary's musical role-playing game, Soon Serenade, has been cancelled due to a lack of interest, according to a press release posted by Develop Online.

Soon Serenade began development in June of 2010 for PC and Mac. Speaking about the cancellation, Robby Mulvany, the game's developer and songwriter, said that the project was "probably a little too weird for gamers," and that though he "thought the first trailer would arouse curiosity, it really didn't."

"I still think there's a great RPG in there, but it's just not economical to spend five years developing a game, which when you are a one-man company, that's really the only way you can do it."

The developer said that maybe he'll get the chance to finish Soon Serenade one day, but for now he can release the game's soundtrack for free. Mulvany also added that this is "probably my last game," and that the industry is much different today than when he started.

"Almost all indie games completely bomb and a lot of the time developers don't even get a shot to make a second game," Mulvany said. "I was fortunate to hang on this long, but this is a very brutal business and though I exit it, I still hope to be able to talk to people looking to jump in and warn them of what they can truly expect."

Soon Serenade's soundtrack can be found here.

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