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Platforms change, but gamers don’t, says Epic’s founder

Gaming platforms might continue to evolve with mobile, tablets and more, but gamers' tastes are still suited to the experience they want, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney told Gamasutra in a recent interview.

With the next generation of gaming just on the horizon, Sweeney spoke on the future of consoles as they continue to go head-to-head with emerging platforms.

"The platform equation is getting a lot more interesting nowadays, but gamers aren't changing that much," Sweeney said. "There are still hardcore gamers who want to play games where you sit down and have a very immersive experience for two or three hours at a time."

Sweeney said that different games will be designed for different platforms — like iPad versus console or PC. He gives the example of iPhone games, which are meant to be played a few minutes at a time. Consoles, however, are more suited to those who want to sit back and "have an awesome game experience."

"The console is a very immersive way to play games," Sweeney said. "They're more immersive than sitting in a chair in front of your computer with a mouse in a bright room."

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