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Claptrap comes to life as a full-sized model

Borderlands fan and Gearbox forum user Stock87 has crafted a thank you with legs — or in this case, wheels.

After getting sucked into the Borderlands series at a friend's recommendation, Stock87 began building a life-sized model of Claptrap as a thank you. The gift began with a small, intricate paper craft model his friend had planned to make. Stock87, however, took the project a step higher. Basing his model off of a 4-inch figurine, he scaled up. The model took about a month to complete and is fully functional. According to Stock87, Claptrap's eyes light up and he can lift out of the stand and roll around.

You can read more about his building process and see more photos at the Gearbox Software forums. Check out the completed model below.


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