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Stealer trailer offers a glimpse at a retro cyberpunk future

Russian indie studio Winged Doom has released a mock-up trailer for a new retro-styled cyberpunk project titled Stealer which is currently in the very early stages of development.

According to its developer, the footage which lacks scenes with gameplay is described as a promotional video and an experiment to create a "living world."

"Will it be a game in final? I do not know, [I'm] groping in dark," reads the latest blog post from designer Anton Semenov. "The only thing I can be sure that I want to create a living world. If I fail with gameplay or will not justify expectations of people who saw movie and say 'wow!' I'm not too upset. My main goal extract this world from head to virtual reality. And gameplay resources for this purpose is ideal."

Winged Doom is currently working to fund a Zelda-influenced retro game titled Journey to Hamerdale. Development progress can be viewed here while those interested can donate to the project via PayPal.

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