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Here are all of the game modes and extras you can unlock with Uplay on Wii U

Ubisoft's free Uplay app for Nintendo's Wii U doesn't just add-on an achievement system for the publisher's games, it also offers up some neat freebies for their titles.

Once registered, players can browse through Ubisoft's (currently tiny) library and check out the actions and rewards for each game. Actions are essentially point-awarding achievements, while the rewards include things like new costumes, perks and even modes for the games.

Players unlock these bonus items by spending Uplay points. So far you can unlock all of a game's freebies by completing all of a game's actions.

Here's the full break down by game:

Assassin's Creed 3


  • Mystery Guest (10 Uplay points): Complete sequence 1 & 2.
  • Tea is for Englishmen (20 Uplay points): Complete sequence 6.
  • The Sum of Truth (30 Uplay points): Complete sequence 12.
  • Abstergo Entertainment (40 Uplay points): Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.


  • 10 Uplay: £3000 in single player the next time you play as Connor.
  • 20 Uplay: Increase the capacity of Connor's tool pouches and unlock exclusive multiplayer profile items.
  • 30 Uplay: Play in Ezio's outfit from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • 40 Uplay: Unlock the multiplayer night stalker's renegade costume and additional profile items.

Avengers Battle for Earth


  • Here I Am (10 Uplay): Win your first battle in campaign.
  • King of the hill (20 Uplay): Win the arcade mode once.
  • Earth united (30 Uplay): Finish the first part of the campaign.
  • Closure (40 Uplay): Finish the campaign.


  • 10 Uplay: Unlock "I mean business" collector's card.
  • 20 Uplay: Receive 5,000 XP to boost your rank.
  • 30 Uplay: Unlock a new appearance for Venom.
  • 40 Uplay: Unlock 8 new trials.

Just Dance 4


  • Let the party begin! (10):Complete your first song.
  • Dance Quests Master (20): Complete 5 dance quests.
  • Dance, sweat and fun (30): Complete a sweat class.
  • Are you a real Just Dancer? (40): Get 5 stars on a song.


  • 10: Unlocks a new title page for Just Dance 4.
  • 20: Unlocks the Good Feeling Dance mash-up for play in Just Dance 4.
  • 30: Unlocks the Beauty Dance mash-up for play in Just Dance 4.
  • 40: Unlocks the Call Me Maybe alternative version for play in Just Dance 4.

Rabbids Land


  • World Champion! (10): Win your first trophy in trophy race.
  • Very first time! (20): Complete a trophy race.
  • Numismatist! (30): Collect 10 coins in treasure hunt mode.
  • Osteopath! (40): Unlock all mini-games.


  • 10: A new rabbid color for the trophy race.
  • 20: An exclusive level in the pyrobang mini game.
  • 30: The best music in Rabbid Land.
  • 40: An exclusive rabbids video.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013


  • On Your Mark! (10): Create the first fitness program.
  • Endurance Rookie (20): Spend one hour working out.
  • Workout Wonder! (30): Bear your own or another player's high score in any workout.
  • Marathon Planner (40): Complete one four-week fitness program.


  • 10: Enjoy your training with this Ice Blue trainer.
  • 20: Enjoy your training with this Deep Red trainer.
  • 30: Use powerful yoga exercises to tighter your leg muscles. A Pilates exercise rounds off this workout.
  • 40: Work through standing, sitting, prone and supine positions and strengthen your whole body.



Bob is your best friend (10): Pick up a backpack

Unbreakable (20): Reach a survivor score of 2,000 points.

CCTV is watching you (30): Hack all of the CCTV Junction Boxes in London.

I survived! (40): Complete the game.


10: ZombiU logo 80's style.

20: Punk cricket bat customization.

30: God Save the Queen bonus video.

40: New multiplayer survival game mode.

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