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Conversion kit makes PS2 controller compatible with Wii, Wii U

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Datel, one of the largest producers of video game enhancement hardware, will release a new conversion kit on Dec. 8 that makes the PlayStation 2's Dualshock controller compatible for play on the Wii U and Wii.

Datel's kit costs 1,980 (around $25) and has been built to satisfy gamers who cannot use the GameCube controller to play older Wii titles, since the option to use them is not available on Nintendo's new console, and for those who do not want to use Wii Classic or Wii U Pro Controllers.

Users plug one end of the kit's cord into the expansion port of a Wii remote and the other to a PS2 controller in order to work. The converter also supports use of a turbo button.

Datel notes that not all Wii games can be played using the controller converter, and games that do not support the Classic Wiimote are not compatible.

Polygon has reached out to Datel to ask if the peripheral will be sold in other regions, or if it can be used in non-Japanese consoles, and will update this story with more information as we have it.