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Amazon UK ships Wii U Premium bundles without Nintendo Land, offers all buyers download codes

Amazon UK is supplying download codes for Nintendo Land to customers in Europe who received Wii U Premium bundles missing the physical game, reports Videogamer.

Last Friday on the console's launch day, Amazon customers began reporting that the launch title was missing from their Wii U Premium Pack. The online retailer said omission of the game was the result of a "supplier error" and that only a "small number" of Premium Packs were affected.

"It's been brought to our attention that a small number of orders for this item may have been delivered without the advertised game, Nintendo Land, due to supplier error," said Amazon in an email to customers. The email contained a download code and instructions for redeeming Nintendo Land for free off the Wii U eShop.

The codes have been emailed to all Wii U Premium Pack owners, including those who did not report the game missing from their bundle.

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