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DJMAX Technika Tune developers explain move from arcades to PS Vita

DJMAX Technika Tune developer Pentavision Global had to answer a few significant questions while porting the rhythm game franchise from arcades to Vita, product manager Eddie Lehecka explained on PlayStation Blog today.

The biggest concern, Lehecka explained, was how to translate the action of the arcade game — which utilizes a 22-inch touchscreen upon which players tap along to the beats of a song of their choosing — to the far, far smaller screen of the PS Vita. The answer was to divide the play area up along two bars present on the front touch screen, and to relegate even more functions to the rear touchpad. Check out the video above to see a demonstration of how the action breaks down.

DJMAX Technika Tune launches on PS Vita in North America tomorrow for $49.99.

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