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Jordan Mechner explores creation and recreation of Karateka in new video series

Jordan Mechner, developer of Prince of Persia, released videos today about creating Karateka in its original Apple II incarnation and its recent remake, he revealed on his blog.

"If you're interested in making games, you may enjoy this series of short videos about the creative and technical process of making Karateka, then (1982) and now (2012)," he wrote. "Each episode focuses on a different aspect of production: Inspiration, Animation, Sound and Music, and Gameplay."

Check out the video above to learn about his inspirations, and the video below to learn how how he animated both games. Mechner plans to release other videos "later this week."

Karateka's remake was released recently on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. To celebrate its Steam release, the game is on sale for $8.99, a 10 percent discount. It will release later on PlayStation Network and iOS.

For more insight from Mechner, be sure to read Polygon's recent interview, where he discussed developing the games nearly 30 years apart.

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