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Ouya video showcases the console's nascent interface and an Android RPG

A video released late last week by an Android developer walks viewers through the user interface from the recently-shipped developer edition of the console.

Check out the video above to see YouTube user codezombiegames fire up and explore the fledgling console. The 17 minute video includes a tour of the in-development user interface spanning from the developer's backend to the front-facing UI. He tests out Ouya's browser, its controller's touchpad and the software's YouTube interface. At about 9 minutes into the video, he boots up his Android role-playing game, Deadly Dungeons, to run on the system.

Ouya developer kits shipped last week, bundling the console with two controllers, an HDMI cable and other accessories that you can check out in the official unboxing video. Earlier this year, the Kickstarter-funded console made more than $8.5 million in pledges, well over its $950,000 goal. The $99 console is expected to ship to consumers in March 2013.

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