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Fez headed to other platforms in 2013

Fez, developer Polytron's faux 2D, faux side-scrolling platformer released earlier this year exclusively on Xbox 360, is headed to other gaming platforms in 2013, according to a post by designer Phil Fish on the developer's website.

In a post called "State of the Polytron" published today, Fish takes a look back on 2012, concludes that it was "crazy," and filled with "abyssal lows, but also life-affirming highs." And Fish hopes to contribute a bit of craziness to 2013, starting with Fez.

"For one, Fez will finally be ported to other platforms," he wrote.

"Yes, I've heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot I am for not porting Fez to everything."

Though he stops short of naming platforms or timeframes, he also said that the studio has plans for the game's soundtrack and again referenced "a couple of new games in the pipeline, of course."

Be sure to check out our review of Fez, a game with "plenty of treasures to be found."

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