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Japanese Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PS3 bundle comes Zan-Datsu skin, white armor and cyborg ninja body code

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gets more limited edition goodies

Japanese Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PlayStation 3 bundles bought from the Konami store will come with special downloadable armor and the hardware will also have a Metal Gear Zan-Datsu skin, according to Konami Style.

The bundle, which includes a special edition console (PlayStation 3 Slim with 250 GB hard drive) with controller and a copy of the game, will come with downloadable codes that allow players to redeem special white armor which, according to the item description, makes Raiden look like a medic so he can support allies, and a cyborg ninja body, which is a tribute to the original Metal Gear Solid games.

The bundle will be available for 31,960 yen ($390). The armor codes are exclusive to PlayStation 3 bundles purchased from the Konami store.


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