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Lovefilm instant streaming service now available on Wii, coming to Wii U in UK

Amazon UK's Lovefilm streaming service is now available on the Nintendo Wii and will launch on Wii U soon as well, the company announced today.

The Lovefilm app can be downloaded for free through the Wii Shop Channel. For £4.99 a month, Lovefilm instantly streams films and shows to televisions and grants access to an unlimited amount of content. Users can also rate and leave reviews for all media in the service's instant catalogue.

For £5.99 users can receive physical copies of media by post, and beginning at £7.99 users can utilize both the streaming service and receive physical discs. Users can add video games to their available catalogue of rentals for £11.22.

"The Wii is a console for the whole family and with our vast catalogue of kid's and family-friendly films and TV shows there's more for everyone to enjoy at Lovefilm compared to any other subscription service," said Lovefilm managing director Jim Buckle. "We offer our customers a great selection at exceptional value and the huge array of platforms we're now available on means it's never been easier or more convenient for our customers to access what they want to watch, however and wherever they choose."

Lovefilm's Instant collection is also available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad and Kindle Fire HD, as well as several types of Blu-ray players and smart televisions.

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