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Warhammer Online unifies all currencies to avoid players' running out of room in their moneybags

Mythic Entertainment's massively multiplayer online title Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has unified all Realm-versus-Realm (RvR) currencies into one, the war crest, in order to avoid players filling inventories with various items and being unable to carry more money, the developer announced on the game's official page.

All RvR crests, medallions, insignias and emblems will be converted into war crests, which can be grouped into 2,500 Crests per stack, and will be added to players' main inventories should their designated currency bag fill up.

The game has also added two new vendor NPCs that will take old currencies and refine them into war crests, with one specifically to deal with crests and medallions while the other converts insignias and emblems. These NPCs can be found in Tier 1 of the warcamps situated out the edge of designated PvP battlefields in the RvR Vendor sections in both Capital Cities.

The currency conversion rates are as follows:

  • One Warpforged/Doomflayer/Captain = five War Crests
  • One Royal = four War Crests
  • One Warlord = three War Crests
  • One Invader = two War Crests
  • One Conqueror/Officer = one War Crest
  • 125 Recruit = one War Crest

Royals must be exchanged in bags of eight or 80, Warlords in bags of nine or 90 and all others currencies in bags of 10 or 100.

All Realm-versus-Realm quests and player kills that reward in RvR currencies have also been modified, and will now give players war crests on a one-to-one ratio.

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