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PlayStation 3 is now the most popular Netflix streaming device

PlayStation 3 is the most popular platform for streaming television and movie content from Netflix, Sony Computer Entertainment America's Phil Rosenberg announced today on PlayStation Blog.

Netflix's streaming services are currently available on every major gaming console and handheld, most mobile devices and tablets and, of course, the service's website. Of all those platforms, Rosenberg says, "More people stream Netflix content to their televisions via PS3 than any other device worldwide."

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explained in a statement to Sony that the popularity is thanks to the company's ability to push changes to the Netflix app more easily on the PS3.

"PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our number one platform overall," Hastings writes. "PS3 is a natural fit for Netflix in terms of developing and first deploying our most advanced features. We can transparently update our application with new features on a daily basis, and through the free PlayStation Network, people around the world can sign up for Netflix directly from their PS3."

Last summer, Nielsen reported that the Wii was the most popular platform for Netflix streaming, representing 25 percent of the app's market share, with the PS3 trailing behind with 13 percent.

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