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Rayman Jungle Run update adds new world, playable Globox

Rayman Jungle Run, the mobile adaptation of Ubisoft's Rayman franchise, was updated today, adding a new world and a new purchasable character to the title.

The update adds a new collection of levels titled "Potpourri" to the world map; a nine-stage series which features new mechanics like water slides and plants which turn into traversable platforms. The collection also adds a new Land of the Livid Dead, one of the game's super-difficult levels which are only unlocked after the player has mastered the game's standard challenges.

In addition, with the update players will be able to purchase Globox, Rayman's constant, bloated companion, as a playable character for $0.99. The microtransaction also unlocks two new costumes for Rayman, which can be viewed in the update's launch trailer above.

Rayman Jungle Run is available now on iOS devices for $2.99.