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EA Sports bundles discounted on PSN starting today

EA Sports deal on PSN

EA's sports titles will each be bundled with downloadable extras valued at more than $20 this week as part of a holiday deal.

For the rest of this week, games like Madden NFL 13, NCAA Football 13, FIFA Soccer 13 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will receive Bonus Editions that come with extras such as additional players and courses.

When buyers pick up the Madden NFL 13 bundle ($49.99) they will receive a copy of the game along with $20 in Draft Duels Packs that can be used in the game's new competitive drafting experience. In FIFA 13 ($49.99) players will receive a copy of the game along with 2200 FIFA Points for FIFA Ultimate Team. The NCAA Football 13 ($49.99) bundle comes with six Heisman Trophy Winning Legends and PGA Tour 13 ($59.99) comes with five additional courses.

The bundles are now available on PlayStation Network only.

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