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River City Ransom returns to 3DS screens

Out of nowhere, Arc System Works has announced a brand-new downloadable 3DS game in the River City Ransom series, following up the one they released almost exactly a year ago.

Called Riki Densetsu, the new title features Riki (above), usually your main rival in this game series, playing the hero character this time around. A former star player for the school soccer team, Riki was suspended after half of his team was beaten up by a rival school before the big match and he beat up a bunch of dudes for revenge. It wasn't long before he became a full-fledged delinquent, and now he's facing off against a Mushamonzen, a biker led by the tracksuit-wearing, slightly insane Okada.

Not much in the way of concrete information has been given about gameplay, but judging by the screens printed in Famitsu this week, this works just the same as River City Ransom. It's side-scrolling, features cute little pudgy characters, and will likely feature an urban open-world for Riki to explore as he tracks down the evil biker bosses and their ilk.

Riki Densetsu comes out December 12 in Japan for 800 yen in that region.

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