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Raiden Legacy comes to iOS and Android devices

Popular arcade series Raiden is now available on iOS and Android devices with the release of Raiden Legacy.

The scrolling shooter series is re-designed for mobile with three different modes, including Arcade mode which offers an experience similar to the original titles, Mission mode which allows the player to access any unlocked stage, and Training mode which offers grounds to practice each stage.

Users will control 15 different ships that each feature their own individual stats and weapons. Two touch modes are also available in the game: Fast Touch which is faster than the original title and improved for mobile devices, and Arcade Touch which handles like the original.

The game features 15 unlockable achievements on mobile devices, along with an online leaderboard. The title is available in nine different languages and can be played on medium or hard difficulty settings.

Raiden Legacy is available on iTunes and Google Play for $4.99.