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PlanetSide 2 'scumbag' cheaters are in John Smedley's crosshairs

Sony Online Entertainment head John Smedley has gone to Twitter to speak out against PlanetSide 2's cheating players, stating the team behind the multiplayer shooter will "hunt down" every user who uses methods that creates an unfair advantage over others.

SOE is currently working to ban all players who attempt to modify the game in any way. Last week a warning was placed on the official forum, stating any modification to UI, data and programs that affect Direct X can lead to a suspension.

Speaking on Twitter, Smedley reminded cheating users that they will be banned, while encouraging those who play the game legitimately to report any users thought to use hacking tools.

"Those of you using aimbots are being hunted down and banned," he said. "Remember to use /report. People are being banned left and right."

Smedley added: "We have guys who's [sic] purpose in life is to ban the bad guys and dumbasses that use hacking tools."

While he did not specify how SOE detects cheating users, Smedley explained "we have a lot of ways to accomplish a goal," adding "We don't disclose methods but we planned for this."

To prove the teams ability at tracking down cheating users, Smedley commented that one player called Haruhi was banned as he was tweeting.

"Haruhi at was just banned," he said. "All three of his accounts. Goodbye, you scumbag. Find a new hobby or get good at the game."

Smedley later warned: "We don't need to cross reference anything. Use it.. we'll find you. we'll find your family. we'll hunt you down."

Check out our interview with creative director Matt Higby just hours after the game went live.

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