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Star Wars: The Old Republic team will improve free-to-play restrictions

The free-to-play version of Star Wars: The Old Republic initially placed major restrictions on the game; However, the MMO's development team is working to improve on this, executive producer Jeff Hickman said in a post on the game's official website.

According to Hickman, returning players or those who bought a Preferred Status for a small fee will now have their default quickbars increased from two to four. Those who previously purchased additional quickbars will be refunded their Cartel Coins.

In addition, a soon to be released patch will give Preferred Status players four new character slots, allowing them a total of six character slots. The same patch will remove the 50 character limit on Global Active characters for subscribing users. According to Hickman, the number will be "increased substantially," however the new character limit has not been specified.

While the upcoming patch has not been dated, Hickman says players "won't have to wait long."

Star Wars: The Old Republic went free-to-play on Nov. 15. Free-to-play users can access the game's Preferred Status to see an increase in quickbars and character slots by purchasing anything from the game's online store, or purchasing a physical copy of the game.

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