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StarCraft 2 and League of Legends eSports team Quantic Gaming disbands after investors pull funding

North American eSports team Quantic Gaming has disbanded after the team's investors allegedly pulled funding, leaving many members teamless, reports

Late yesterday, eSpots training company Complexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake tweeted that "Big NA team news" was forthcoming, and that is was "not good news either." The news was later confirmed by tweets from team members.

"Quantic disbanding was completely unexpected," tweeted StarCraft 2 player Florence Yao. "I was going to stay until my gaming career ended. I don't know what to say."

"I'm officially homeless," added member Michael McClelland. "Quantic is dead."

According to eSports reporter Rod Breslau, Quantic was disbanded due to investors pulling funding, and "players nor staff knew about [it] beforehand." Breslau noted that some players are already in talks with other North American eSports teams.

Quantic Gaming was the home team for a over a dozen professional StarCraft 2 players, as well as a dozen more League of Legends and Call of Duty series players. Since its formation in 2010, the team has won five first place titles at Major League Gaming events.

The team posted on its official Twitter that a more detailed statement on its disbanding is forthcoming.

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