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Lego City Undercover teaches you how to become a master of disguise

New in-game footage of the upcoming Wii U title Lego City Undercover demonstrates how to use multiple disguises to overcome puzzles.

Each costume offers the player unique abilities to help them solve each puzzle and access different areas of the city. Costumes include firefighter gear, a robber get up, a construction worker uniform, among others. In the video we see protagonist Chase styled as a firefighter in order to rescue a kitten from a rooftop, while he later cracks a safe incognito as a robber.

The Wii U GamePad functions as an in-game communicator, featuring a map of Lego City that lets players create GPS-like waypoints and receive police dispatches that offer updates on the progress of each mission. The GamePad will also allow users to access a "high tech" scanning function that scans for hidden criminals and items.

The game includes over 100 different vehicles that Chase can swap between on the road. By collecting vehicle tokens in the game, you can gain instant access to certain cars by using the GamePad at special vehicle call-in points in the world. Also featured are Super Bricks which can be used to create objects that aid in the investigation, such as fully functioning ferries and bridges.

Additional Lego City Undercover mission codes are available within physical game sets of LEGO City High Speed Chase, Nintendo confirmed.

Lego City Undercover will be available in early 2013.

The next level of puzzles.

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