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Johann Sebastian Joust getting invincibility mode and more in Sportsfriends compilation

Johann Sebastian Joust, the PlayStation Move-enabled motion game played without a screen, will include new features like invincibility mode as part of the Sportsfriends compilation, according to a post today by developer Doug Wilson on the PlayStation Blog.

The new mode allows players to become invincible for a few seconds at the press of a button. Wilson explains that knowing when to press offers a tactical advantage in situations like surprise attacks. He also plans to add other features that he's not yet revealed.

"I want to add a whole bunch of new features..."

"I want to add a whole bunch of new features, so that each group of players can mix and match rules to find their own preferred version of the game," he writes. "Like any good playground game, [Johann Sebastian] Joust is all about making the game your own by embellishing the minimalistic rules with custom modifications."

In addition to Johann Sebastian Joust, the Sportsfriends compilation of four independent games includes the "minimalist game" Hokra, the unconventional fighting game BaraBariBall, and the competitive pole vaulting game Super Pole Riders from the developer of QWOP.

Sportsfriends will release for PlayStation 3 in 2013, provided that its Kickstarter campaign is funded. The campaign has five days remaining. As of this writing, it has received $76,831 of its $150,000 goal. You can check it out and donate here.

You can also check out the video above to see the game in action. For more on Johann Sebastian Joust, be sure to read our feature and interview with Wilson from earlier this year.

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