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Wasteland 2 developer is turning to the community to crowdsource 3D models

Make 3D assets for Wasteland 2

The developer of Wasteland 2, inXile, is crowdsourcing 3D models for its crowdfunded role-playing game, the developer announced on its website today.

Posting to the Wasteland 2 website, inXile announced that it is conducting an experiment to open up the "creative procedure behind our art asset creation" and working with its fans to "increase the overall game experience for everyone." The experiment, the studio says, will allow the internal Wasteland 2 team to focus on elements that directly impact the gameplay.

The experiment is now live and anyone can take part. Each week inXile will upload a batch of 2D images that visitors can turn into 3D assets. The studio has provided links to a free version of Unity as well as the Wasteland 2 Unity test scene and an art style guide.

The developer says in the style guide:

Whatever you do, do it with some exaggeration of proportion and scale, both in the geometry and in the texturing too. The asset needs to read at a distance and from a fixed camera ... Our goal here is not to make the next photo-real FPS, but rather, an installment in the Wasteland universe. It should have a modicum of style, without being too over the top or obnoxious.

And most importantly, have fun with it!

Those whose assets are selected will be paid for their work and be credited in the game for their contribution. Submissions should be priced by the creator but should be kept "in line with the normally accepted ranged in the Asset Store." Entries will be rejected if the price is too high.

For a full set of instructions on how to create assets for Wasteland 2, visit the official website.

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