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Create and customize your own themepark in Zynga's CoasterVille

The Zynga studio behind Empires and Allies released CoasterVille today, a social themepark-building simulation game that takes a leaf from the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

In CoasterVille players are entrusted with the task of bringing a themepark back to life by constructing rides and rollercoasters, strategically planning their themepark's growth and expansion, managing the needs and expectations of customers and working with friends to help each other progress.

The general manager of Zynga L.A., Hans Yang, wrote in a blog post about CoasterVille:

Here at the studio, we prescribe to Sid Meier's notion that a good game is a series of interesting choices, so we wanted to make sure players felt completely in-control of their parks. As players dive deeper into the game, they'll find that their decisions determine whether guests have the best experience possible when visiting their theme park. The more thought that goes into placing coasters, restaurants and service buildings, the quicker players can climb the ranks of the world's greatest theme park.

The game comes with a variety of rides, stands and stores and players will be able to customize their themeparks to their liking. The game is free to play and is currently available on Facebook and