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Japanese police use PlayStation Vita to identify WiFi signals and catch criminals

The latest episode of Japanese police documentary program Gekiroku: Keisatsu Micchaku 24ji! featured officers using a PlayStation Vita to identify and check WiFi signals while tracking down a criminal, reports Japanese news site GetNews.

The program followed police officers of the Fukuoka Prefecture division tracking down a criminal charged with identity fraud. The offender had been using several different IP addresses in order to illegally purchase and sell goods via the Internet.

Gekiroku introduced the Vita as a "machine to check the wireless LAN," which one officer used to identify wireless connections in the area. According to GetNews, the Vita may have been used as a WiFi identifier because the handheld is better than other mobile devices at picking up the signals.

GetNews also said that it is not difficult to purchase a Vita, which is sold at most electronics and video game retailers, and wireless signal strength is not as touch-and-go as iPhone or iPad signals.

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