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Instructional children's typing game Mickey's Typing Adventure out for PC and Mac today

Computer training program developer Individual Software released Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends today for PC and Mac, which is aimed at teaching children between the ages of six and 12 typing skills, the company announced.

In the game, Disney's iconic mouse takes players through the medieval world of Typelandia while showing children where to place their fingers on the keyboard and typing posture. The game includes fully-animated cutscenes featuring classic Disney characters, seven different typing challenges and 10 typing courses that can be customized to players' skill level.

"Schools are beginning to teach typing at a younger age and we recognize that kids need a lot of practice and motivation to build correct finger-to-key memories to become touch typists," said Individual Software president and CEO Jo-L Hendrickson in a press release. "The lessons, challenges, and games in Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends include speed and accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention, all of which reinforce the important typing skills required today."

Mickey's Typing Adventure is available for both PC and Mac as a home desktop version. A networked online version designed for use in the classroom is coming soon.

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