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See weapon-based racing action in Fuel Overdose trailer, screens

Fuel Overdose doesn't look as cartoony as most kart racing games, but its weapon-based racing action — seen in a new trailer and screenshots released today by developer I-Friqiya — offers a wide array of attacks with which to frustrate opponents, just like the genre's best games.

Upgradable weapons include machine guns, rockets and mines. Bombs can be dropped along the course and detonated remotely, while grappling hooks come in handy for latching onto other racers' vehicles and electrifying them. As you take damage, you'll build up your Berserk gauge, which will allow you to use one of 24 fighting game-style Super and Ultra attacks. And if you don't have any ammo or special attacks available, you can always ram enemies off the track.

Fuel Overdose is set for release on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 this fall, with a Windows PC version due out later. Check out the first trailer, which focused on the game's racing mechanics, here.

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