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KnightScape trailer shows medieval combat from former Naughty Dog and Ubisoft developers

A trailer released today for KnightScape, a free-to-play iOS game from former Naughty Dog and Ubisoft developers at Virtual Intelligence, shows off the game's medieval-themed combat and Mojaro platform.

The studio developed the game over the last two years alongside its mobile gaming platform, Mojaro, which provides "proprietary animation and artificial intelligence technologies," according to its Facebook page. The game showcases Mojaro technology with a "surprise toward the end" of the game, according to the KnightScape website.

"KnightScape is an engaging, HD quality action adventure game that's truly cinematic in presentation, and most importantly, a blast to play," said Virtual Intelligence CEO Laurent Ancessi, who has worked with Naughty Dog and Electronic Arts. "This the first game developed for our Mojaro mobile platform, which yields sterling performance as well as cross-pollination benefits that will become apparent in future releases."

Check out the trailer above to see KnightScape's armored combat in action. You can see it in the App Store here.

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