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End of Nations development shifts to Trion Worlds after open beta indefinitely postponed

Development on End of Nations, developer Petroglyph Games's massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, has shifted to Trion Worlds, according to a post published yesterday on the game's forum.

"As End of Nations was reaching the pre-launch phase in its lifecycle, we officially brought the game development in house to Trion Worlds and will complete the development internally," wrote Lance James, End of Nations community manager. "Our team has been hard at work implementing many changes based on your feedback from the beta events. Keep checking back for more updates as we are looking forward to showing off some of the cool new things the team has been working on."

According to James, Trion is revamping the game's user interface and implementing changes to "ease the learning curve for new players," among other changes.

Last month, a post on Trion Worlds' Facebook page announced that the game's planned open beta had been postponed until the company could fix "several key areas of the game which need polish and improvement."

Over the last few weeks, reports surfaced that Petroglyph had laid off as many as 30 employees. On Twitter yesterday, Adam Stevens, one of the game's designers, confirmed layoffs at the developer, including his own.