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Quake 2 turns 15-years-old today

Quake 2 turn 15

Today marks the 15th anniversary of id Software's Quake 2, according to the Bethesda Blog. To celebrate the occasion, Bethesda invited Quake 2's director and design Tim Willits to share some "fun facts" about the game and show off his collection of Quake action figurines (pictured).

Willits shared the following tidbits about Quake 2:

• Only three artists made all the 2D and 3D art for the entire game.
• One of the original suggested names for Quake 2 was WOR, but the game's fast-paced, tactile feel felt closer to a Quake game than a new franchise.
• ‘The Edge' (Tim's favorite deathmatch level in Quake 2 or any other game), has over 50 trick jumps possible in the map. Tim only designed two of them, and the rest were discovered by the Quake 2 community.

Quake 2 was first released in 1997. It sold more than a million copies and was one of the most popular online games throughout 1998.

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