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Rayman Legends launches in Europe on Feb. 28 (update)

Rayman Legends will launch to Wii U in Europe on Feb. 28 and in the U.K. on March 1, Ubisoft announced today.

The upcoming Rayman title, a Wii U exclusive developed as a follow-up to Wii platformer Rayman Origins, was initially intended to be part of the Wii U launch lineup before being pushed back for a release in early 2013. Prior to the console's launch, Nintendo announced a playable demo for Rayman Legends would become available through the Nintendo eShop on Nov. 18.

Rayman Legends allows the user to make use of all the Wii U has to offer, with the GamePad being used to control Murphy, a green lightning bug who can zoom ahead of Rayman and manipulate the level's environment by lifting platforms and moving obstacles.

No North American release date is yet available beyond the early 2013 window. We have contacted Ubisoft to gauge the North American release and will update when further information becomes available.

Update: The Rayman Legends demo will become available on the Nintendo eShop on Dec. 13.

Update 2: According to a Ubisoft press release, Rayman Legends will launch in Europe on Feb. 28, but it won't be available in the U.K. until one day later, March 1. We've edited the story to reflect this.

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