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BioWare giving away Dragon Age promotional items

BioWare is handing out free promotional items for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening and Dragon Age 2, according to a post on the BioWare Social Network.

Users need only select their platform and sign into their EA account to redeem items. The full list features more than 40 items between both titles and the downloadable content. Included are the following:

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Memory Band
  • Feral Wolf Charm
  • Guildmaster's Belt
  • Band of Fire
  • Dalish Promise Ring
  • Bulwark of the True King
  • The Edge

Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening

  • Bulwark of the True King
  • Bregan's Bow
  • Pearl of the Anointed

Dragon Age 2

  • Dura's Blue Flame
  • Evra's Might
  • Evra's Trophy Belt
  • The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall
  • Hindsight
  • Hayder's Razor
  • Ivo Family Crest
  • Lothering's Lament
  • The Irons
  • Of Things Not Lost

Once redeemed for a specific platform, users can find instructions on how to access their items on the registered game content page. Only one download per account is available for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can view the full list of items here.