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Playcast cloud gaming service shooting for early 2013 US release

Playcast, a TV channel-based cloud gaming service that operates through tablets, smartphones and PCs, will launch in the United States early next year, Joystiq reports.

Playcast Media is already in talks with several game companies, including THQ, Activision, Telltale Games, and Warner Bros., as well as television providers. Depending on which TV providers Playcast makes deals with, users will be able to instantly access the service via a specific channel. USB game pads, tablets and PCs can be hooked up to a TV and used to access the service. Users will also be able to run multiple devices; if Playcast is running on a TV or PC, a phone or tablet can be used as the controller.

Playcast is currently available in South Korea, Portugal and France, where games such as Homefront, Overlord and Batman: Arkhman Asylum are included in the service.

A specific date and pricing have not yet been announced. More news is expected the week of Jan. 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.