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Mars: War Logs teaser is stylish and '100 percent dubstep-free'

A new teaser trailer for Mars: War Logs, a third-person action role-playing game by developer Spiders, features a walk around the red planet with protagonist Roy "Temperance."

Mars: War Logs is a "short story" about a renegade that takes place more than a century after catastrophe strikes Mars. Now, power is given to companies who distribute water, the planet's most valuable asset. The trailer doesn't reveal much about the game, besides offering a glimpse at its futuristic setting and combat.

Spiders has already revealed that players will be able to craft their own weapons. Gameplay also includes developing Roy's combat style by choosing perks such as stealth and trickery, Technomancer powers or pure combat. Dialogue choices will be offered as well.

Mars: War Logs is currently slated to release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows in Spring 2013.

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