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Minecraft patch 1.4.6 gives players fireworks for New Year’s Eve

Minecraft's latest update, the 1.4.6 patch, will allow players to shoot off fireworks, Mojang announced via its website.

The update is not to be confused with the Redstone Update, wrote developer Jens Bergensten, which also promised fireworks.

"We suddenly decided we wanted to make sure that you have fireworks for New Year's Eve, so we're working in several parallel branches of the code now," Bergensten wrote. "One is for the 1.5 "Redstone Update," and one is now for a 1.4.6 patch update."

The 1.4.6 patch will be out before Christmas. It also adds enchanted books to the game.

Minecraft's 1.5 Redstone Update is still to come in January or "possibly February" of 2013. The update is expected to change the way redstone behaves, improve minecarts and add a daylight detector, among other things.