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Street Fighter X Mega Man coming Dec. 17

Street Fighter X Mega Man, a free PC download featuring 8-bit-style crossovers from both respective series, will release on Dec. 17, Capcom announced.

The crossover is a celebration of the end of Street Fighter's 25th anniversary and the beginning of Mega Man's, which kicks off in 2013. Mega Man will face off against eight different Street Fighter characters, including Chun Li, Blanka and Ryu, with eight new weapons.

Capcom is calling the crossover "a true collaboration" between the company and its fans, as the original game was drafted by superfan Seow Zong Hui and presented to Senior Vice President of Capcom USA Christian Svensson during EVO 2012. The game will also feature an 8-bit soundtrack from A_Rival featuring Street Fighter and Mega Man mashups.

Street Figher X Mega Man will be available for download on Capcom-Unity.