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'Team Comedy' Godus update turns the camera on developers

The latest update from Godus, 22Cans' Kickstarter project for a Populous "reinvention," is focused on bringing the project's developers the forefront.

The video features 11 members of the team, including artists, engineers, programmers and producers answering questions about their favorite Godus feature, what they're working on and, with answers mostly centered on the project's deadlines, Peter Molyneux's scariest promise.

The Godus Kickstarter launched on Nov. 21 with a goal of £450,000. At the time of this posting, it's raised more than £230,000 with 8,250 backers. The Kickstarter will come to a close on Friday, Dec. 21. If funded, Molyneux is hoping to have a prototype for the god game project by Christmas.